The moon will face! Meteorite impacts change every 80 thousand years (video) ajviewer

The moon will face! Meteorite impact frequently changed every 80 thousand years, every year, October, 14, according to foreign media reports, according to a study by the U.S. Space Agency (NASA) data show that the moon’s surface will be frequently hit by space meteorites. Every 81000 years, the moon will face a. According to reports, the moon’s surface 2 cm thick dust, flip the frequency of more than originally expected to be more than 100 times. For about 81000 years, the dust will fly out of the crater, as if the surface of the moon had been completely changed. The study also estimated that asteroids and comets frequently hit the moon, the average annual formation of 180 new diameter of at least 10 meters of craters. "This study published in the journal Nature", published by NASA’s lunar orbiter "(Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) since 2009 was" shooting the moon before the impact and post impact contrast photos ". The history of the Arizona State University (Emerson Speyerer) Bayer team of scientists led by periodically comparing the same area of the image changes, and calculate the number of holes in the emergence of new. They concluded that compared with the previous model, we detected 222 new crater, also found that at least 10 meters in diameter of the holes, 33% more than the previous forecast." Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) moon cave相关的主题文章: