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The new Macbook Pro orders record, Apple also responded to a number of issues of intense Tucao – why not touch Sohu technology? Why cancel the SD card slot? Why does the new MBP have a 3.5mm headset interface, but iPhone 7 has been cancelled? Last month, Apple has finally released three years of grinding sword of the new Macbook Pro. The full use of USB Type-C interface, cancel the SD card slot, MagSafe abandoned the charging interface…… For a long time, Apple’s new products have not received such a fierce tucao. Fortunately, however, the same as before, we are still very honest money to buy. Up to now, our online store has received orders for the new Macbook Pro, more than any previous version of Pro notebook." This is the day before Apple senior vice president Philip · Schiller (Philip Schiller) in an interview with the British newspaper "independent" (Independent, "the independent" print edition in March to stop printing, comprehensive transformation of network media interview revealed). However, he did not disclose the specific amount. Perhaps the new Macbook Pro was accused of too much, Apple also felt the need to do something. In addition to being very proud to announce a record order, Schiller also responded to a number of issues focused on everyone tucao. 1 why not touch screen? The new Macbook Pro canceled the top of the keyboard F1? F9 a row of buttons, instead of flashing OLED multi touch command bar. Apple called it Touch Bar, you can display different options based on your current operation, similar to the touch screen on the touch screen operation, you can achieve the input Emoji, mediation volume, edit pictures and other functions. This interactive way to find everything fresh and new attracted a lot of praise, but also mocked, "Microsoft is the entire screen touch when you despise; Apple will get a small touch screen when you orgasm. Ha ha……" Schiller answered the question indirectly. When asked whether iOS and macOS will always be separated, he gave a positive answer. The reason is that iPhone and iPad is just a piece of glass, they are intuitive operation, so multi touch and full screen display is the best way to interact. Mac is different, it is composed of the cursor and menu of non intuitive operation. Like adding a menu at the top of the iPhone is completely wrong, adding a touch screen on the Mac, "nothing is better than using the mouse and touchpad." 2 why cancel SD card slot, camera how to do? Cancel the SD card slot is one of the points of the focus tucao. Schiller’s reply is that the current slot is too cumbersome, the use of slot, SD card and half to be exposed on the outside, and, now there are a lot of USB interface card reader, can be very good相关的主题文章: