The Russian hunters! Hong Kong stocks will wipe off Moscow’s tears xpphone

The Russian hunters! Hong Kong stocks will wipe off Moscow’s tears? The Sina Hong Kong columnist Tan Minglei WeChat public number (xlgg-sina) at this stage of the Russian hunters of good and bad, but also needs the verve. Big like fall, retail investors like to rise, this is the market. I hope this is not sad tears, but excited. "Men don’t like women’s status higher than theirs." As Lyudmila says in the film, the fighting nation seems to be recovering. After oil prices climbed to $50, you need to think of the crude oil energy market recovery, should see Putin or hold strong head. Great game oil war in 2015, people say that the United States through the oil to death of Russia, was between a country’s economic war, and from the view of effects is also true, Russia is born with a bad word to sell oil, once a month on the 8% devaluation of the ruble devaluation, 30% 3 months, you know this is not the first time, by the end of 2014, the ruble has been a big crisis, a depreciation rate is 70%, but not far. At that time, the Central Bank of Russia to speak a little psychological preparation is not false, they design in the worst scenario, is also the price fell to $40, 7% economy is shrinking, there will be 187 banks in Russia 600 billion rubles ($11 billion) funding gap, non-performing loans accounted for more than doubled to 17.7%. Russia’s central bank in June had predicted that if oil prices remain at $40 a barrel range, the Russian economy will continue to shrink in 2017 for a period of third years. The lowest international oil prices to $more than and 30, Russia’s winter is biting. Russia is the world’s largest oil producing countries, but also the world’s largest country, the largest dependence on oil finance countries, in a sense, is the oil in support of russia. Once the price of oil fell below $30, the Russian economy will soon collapse, oil export revenues shrink, the depletion of the cash flow, will be a huge devaluation of the ruble. Russian imports of food, light industrial products accounted for the majority, once the reduction in imports, the brunt of the hit is the people’s livelihood. In fact, Americans have mastered the oil pricing right, but also dare not play too much, because his pigtail is still holding people, if this does not help the Middle East brother if the press was reliable and hard defection, it is an oil crisis. After all, since 2007, United States oil production increased by 80% to 9 million 500 thousand barrels at present, the United States has thus become the world’s largest oil producing country. On Thursday, oil prices from $47 a barrel, now has exceeded 50 dollars a barrel, you see only the market for oil and energy stocks soared, and Putin more see Russia economic revival. Putin believes that in 2014 the United States to Russia launched a smokeless war, that is, oil prices fell more than 5, causing the ruble exchange rate fell 6, triggered a devastating economic war against Russia, Putin had already fought)相关的主题文章: