The second Maritime Silk Road, China – Indonesia forum held in Jakarta – International – People’s ne sexinse

The second session of the maritime Silk Road China – Indonesia – International Forum held in Jakarta, August 25th Jakarta (reporter Xi Laiwang) the second session of the maritime Silk Road Chinese – Indonesia Indonesia docking forum and business promotion will be held in Jakarta. Delegates at the current ASEAN Economic Community and the construction of the maritime Silk Road, together with the prospects of China and Indonesia, China and ASEAN Economic and trade opportunities under the new situation. Chinese – ASEAN Business Council executive director, chief China ASEAN business expert Xu Ningning said in a keynote speech, the ASEAN Economic Community Development and the construction of the maritime Silk Road, both can promote each other. The economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN China is entering a new phase, China and Indonesia, enterprises should focus on cooperation and development, identify weaknesses, mutually beneficial cooperation and jointly cope with the world economic growth situation. This forum is Chinese – ASEAN Business Council in June last year respectively in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Indonesia Chinese held in Phnom Penh, Malaysia forum, China forum, China Kampuchea forum, Chinese Thailand forum four field to the maritime Silk Road as the theme of the forum, this year in the ASEAN countries held third field Hester opportunities the forum, the first of the year and the second Hester forum held respectively in July in Singapore and Thailand in Bangkok. China Commercial Counsellor Tan Shufu mission to ASEAN, Indonesia and China General Chamber of Commerce executive vice chairman Zhang Jinxiong attended the forum and delivered a speech. (commissioning editor Cao Kun and Yang Cheng)相关的主题文章: