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There are 60% car exhaust exceeded? You should see how to avoid the Sohu car due to the number of cars is increasing, in order to avoid the automobile exhaust exceed the standard and so on affect the safe use of the car, the car must be detected whether the standard exhaust emission test, the state in the annual inspection for automobile, has begun to increase emission standards, for no standard car do not release emissions marks. If the car can not get qualified mark of environmental protection, then you will lose the qualification of driving on the road, if the relevant law enforcement departments found that not only the confiscation of vehicles, and severe punishment. According to the survey found that the authority of the authorities, subject to regional influence, a lot of the city’s automobile exhaust seriously exceeded, resulting in environmental pollution problems. The supervision of vehicle inspection vehicle inspection by increase the owner of any security check before the vehicle exhaust emission detecting equipment is relatively backward, even if there is still able to exceed the standard car exhaust emissions passed. When the car examined countries to strengthen management, the comprehensive upgrading of various gas detection equipment, if the vehicle emissions exceed the standard problem, were unable to get the green flag. Therefore, when using the car, the owners need to fill the high standard of fuel, to avoid long-term use of low-grade fuel, resulting in exhaust emission are exceed the standard problem, cause when the car owners can not pass inspection. The detection of automobile exhaust emissions is mainly considered to the environmental pollution of the exhaust gas into the automobile testing project, to avoid the problem of serious problems of automobile exhaust to the environment. In the detection of exhaust gas, more than half of the car is not qualified, and the specific domestic car environment and low oil there is a direct link. Affected by the oil extraction technology, poor quality of domestic gasoline combustion, resulting in automotive interior have a variety of harmful substances, when harmful substances can not be timely treatment, can not exhaust compliance issues began to appear. Why more than 60% of automobile exhaust seriously exceeded? Poor fuel quality is the reason why many accidents occurred in the vehicle exhaust emissions exceeded the standard, and the quality of domestic fuel there is a direct link. Compared with the international advanced countries, the domestic fuel quality is low, even if the high standard fuel is also lagging behind the world advanced level. Under the influence of poor quality fuel, resulting in most of the domestic automobile in use after more than 2 years, will exceed the standard exhaust serious problems, leading to the owners inspection car can not pass, the need to pay higher maintenance costs, to be able to get inspection marks. The car behind production process lead to automobile exhaust serious exceed the standard there is a direct link with the production process of the car, because the number of domestic automobile production enterprises more, and the country did not strengthen the automobile market operation and management, resulting in a lot of automobile production enterprise production technology is relatively backward, although in line with national standards of the factory, but is used for a long time after all failure ensued, seriously affect the normal use of the car owners. Due to various reasons, there are more than 60% domestic automotive products exceeded the problem of excessive exhaust. For the smooth through the car 0相关的主题文章: