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This second child prepare pregnant fast Sohu with maternal pregnancy preparation have two children, some couples, one or two months pregnant, some pregnant for several months or even more than a year is not pregnant, the reason, the vast majority are in the physical factors. The second child, men have fertility, sperm problems are less likely, as long as the pregnancy to give up smoking and drinking habits can overcome killing fine food. Compared with men, women prepare pregnant second child needs to do more to prepare, in addition to the basic preparation of pregnant things, should also pay attention to the following points: 1 common female contraceptive condom use couples, women as long as do basic matters to prepare pregnant. Women who take birth control pills should be pregnant 6 months after the withdrawal, because the birth control pills contain a lot of ingredients that affect women’s fertility. 2 women take the ring ring within two weeks after it is best not to marry her, in order to avoid wound infection caused by inflammation or infection, bring harm to their health. We should take the ring in 3 months and then began to prepare pregnant endometrium a full recovery time, in favor of eugenics. 3 female neutered female ligation to second child, we must first do the fallopian tube recanalization surgery, restore patency, restoring normal function. But not every woman who has been ligated can pass through the fallopian tube. Some success rate is high, some success rate is low, some do not have the possibility which passes through again; some can pass through after being able to be pregnant, some passes through does not have the bosom. Therefore, do recanalization surgery before, must first do salpingography check, tubal ligation of fallopian tube damage and health situation now, the combination of these factors to evaluate the success rate and the pregnancy rate of fallopian tube recanalization after surgery, and then decide not to do reverilibity operation and use what kind of way of operation. 4 caesarean section women cesarean prepare pregnant women have two children, one is essential to check the uterus, uterine health assessment, to eliminate the effect of uterine scar on fertility. Knowledge related to how to prepare pregnant 1 easy pregnancy? Pregnancy needs not only reproductive health in good condition, but also the body nursed back to health to the best state, adjust good mentality, overcome bad habits, bad habits such as smoking and drinking, in the ovulation period of the same room and pay attention to the control of the same frequency. Each link is good, pregnancy success rate will be greatly improved. 2 can artificial ovulation? Older women, ovulation function is relatively poor, or ovulation ovulation, or is not discharged from the high-quality eggs, therefore, we can use the artificial induction of ovulation, but must be carried out under the guidance of experts, so as to avoid unnecessary damage. 3 not when to check? If pregnant for more than six months has not been pregnant, the couple should be timely to the professional hospital inspection. Because the second child of the older couples, fertility gradually decline, early examination can early detection of the disease, reduce the harm to the reproductive system diseases. 4 do not be pregnant what to do? More factors affecting pregnancy, women may be factors, it may be the man factor, and even the common cause of both men and women, the Lord相关的主题文章: