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"Turret legend" in September will be wandering monk spells – people.com.cn game original title: "knife tower legend" in September will be wandering monk spells "turret legend" introduced in September to sign the hero is wandering monks, continuous 2 days will be able to obtain landing 2 stars the whole card. The following from the official set of some content to share with the players. Wandering monks in state 75 level colleges, 100 full full of enchanting attributes: the monk is in front of the physical location where the output, with enhanced special effects skills can play more control effect. Nearly a thousand armor and 116 grade and 40 with vampire dodge to ensure he on the battlefield of survival. [introduction] Fuhu strike skills (Ultimate): flash in front of the weakest enemy, carrying out a series of attacks on the fast. Qigong strengthening: after all the flash gas accumulation, the enemy gave a punch and unable to dodge the punch force will breakdown target body, causing internal injuries, reduce the target within a short time of life and injury to recovery effect and speed of action, and on the rear of the enemy damage and repel. Hawk (common): a continuous kick to the enemy, causing damage. Additional seismic strengthening: Qigong in the final will kick, causing damage and stuns the enemy. Mountain palm (general): the enemy with one, causing damage and short distance to repel the enemy. Qigong: the enemy will be pushed to the edge of the screen, the enemy will cause damage to the edge of the damage range. In the interest (general): gas gathering in the body is not passive cohesion, the monk in the case of mobile, every time will add a layer of gas, up to five layers. Each layer of gas will increase the monk 3% damage immunity and certain physical attacks. When the gas is more than three layers, the use of other skills will become a monk enhanced version and consumes three layers of air, usually will release all the gas. When the monk passive moves, all the gas will be directly dissipated. As the front physical output, wandering monk station in front of the front, with nearly a thousand armor and good health, ensure the survival of the case can play a good hurt. Players just need to train him to 90 orange, you can open his awakening journey! The awakening skills: the spirit of peace, peace of mind for themselves and reduce the control time around teammate applied effect. The awakening, master equipment equipment wandering monk seal of awakening, in the life value and the double antibody has greatly improved, to further consolidate the front survival ability, let him more courage in battle. Exclusive equipment synthetic materials can be game player through the seventeenth chapter – a copy of the elite imperial tombs to collect wandering monk awakening materials. The second task of awakening: wandering monks to participate in the completion of the dwarves Arsenal 5 or above 4 times of difficulty. Third: the wandering monk awakening task in elite levels: the fourteenth chapter – the dragon’s lair, and personally defeated Terrorblade, 1 times. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: