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TY by Eric Tibusch let the classics into the future more recommend more at the age of seven, the protagonist in his mother’s small studio with leftover materials designed from the first skirt of his hands, open end great designers "this is today standing in the field of fashion design limelight occupation journey". When he was an adult, he went to Switzerland to lay the foundation for future fashion design in the circle of customized apparel sales. "In that position, I learned how to use the best of the best way of ’embellishment’ woman, how to fit the body with the best clothes. I will adjust the clothes directly according to the customer’s shape." Later, in the Le (brand, he says, his brand is more like a perfect fashion design school) he got a bit, and the continuation of the essence of the well-known brand. From custom salon management, to custom clothing sales, to high-end customers. Curiosity and a strong thirst for knowledge so that he never stopped patiently watching these high-end clothing brands, how to dress a variety of possibilities, but also to learn all the clothing brands should or should not do things.相关的主题文章: