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Typhoon Zhejiang, Taishun, a three case of mudslides caused by the impact of the age of 8 year old girl cited concern – Wenzhou, September (reporter Li Tingting), "I want to go home, I want mom and dad." Taishun County of Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou city suffered landslides survived 8 year old girl every day (a pseudonym), the early morning of September 16th into the treatment of Second Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, and the parties raised concern. Many caring people have donated to visit the surrounding villagers and rescue teams are also searching for every day’s parents. By the strong typhoon "Meranti" influence, Taishun county recently suffered heavy rainfall, disaster. The Mid Autumn Festival is on September 15th, more than 11 points at noon that day, every day to follow their parents to drive from the town of Taishun county to the county town of Si three Quebec grandmother eat family reunion dinner, passing through the tunnel in the limestone? Flood triggered landslides, causing the car can not move forward. After one family walk off the line, unfortunately on the way of debris flow is broken up. Cangnan county civil defense rescue center pioneer one plus one Rescue Squadron vice captain Chen Xiaozhou told reporters, 3 o’clock in the afternoon, several rescue teams and Cangnan police in Taishun together Danzhu? Tunnel near the mouth of search for trapped personnel. 4 am, a private car was washed away debris found them in the tunnel near the mouth of the stream at a rocky beach, but the car has no one. "There’s someone here!" Search and rescue personnel in a word, let the hearts of all people raised. At the side of a car, someone found a little girl who was unconscious and had multiple injuries. The rescuers drank some water for the girl, then she carefully carried on a stretcher, and shouted, the little girl woke up toward them saying: "my mom and dad also……" Due to landslides and mudslides damaged roads, ambulances can not get in and out, several rescue teams carrying a stretcher walk more than 2 hours, the girl was sent to an ambulance. The other players continue to search for girls’ parents along the lower reaches of the river. Chen Xiaozhou said that the little girl’s parents are still unaccounted for. It is understood that after being sent to Cangnan County People’s hospital every day, after doing the basic treatment, in the morning of 16 transferred to the Wenzhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital of the children’s intensive care unit treatment of second. According to Pan Guoquan, director of the children’s ICU Yuying children hospital Wenzhou Medical University, at present every sane and stable vital signs. However, she suffered multiple injuries, including rib fractures, pulmonary contusion, scalp hematoma, there is still a risk of infection. He said, the next will depend on the situation on the wound debridement, and psychological intervention on the little girl. Every day experience affects many people’s hearts. At 4 pm on September 17th, the Zhejiang provincial government held a defense typhoon No. 16 "malakas" television and telephone conference. Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary, Xia Baolong, director of the provincial people’s Congress, concerned about the situation every day. Daily economic news reporter learned that every day the family is more difficult, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University opened a green channel for it, but the next treatment still requires a small medical expenses. After that, Wenzhou city public network Federation in the 17 day at 5:30 in the afternoon, through the "Leshan 365 Wenzhou network)相关的主题文章: