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Silver serial murder suspect: did not kill people in the heart uncomfortable after being arrested, Gao Chengyong told the police, in 1998, he went to a kind of not killing the uncomfortable state of mind. This year, he rarely made four murders. The city has been under the shadow of murder for 28 years. Kill the past, almost synchronous fading with this industrial city, has become the most reluctant to touch people in memory part. In August 31st, a silver from the commanding heights of the center, the buildings connected with the distant grey grey mountains. Beijing News reporter Wujiang photo paper | Beijing News reporter Luo Ting Tang Ailin Intern Fu Ziyang Hu Daqi Lu Aiying

editing proofreading on August 26th, in the silver industry? The school canteen before being arrested, 52 year old Gao Chengyong had tried to escape, but was eventually escorted into the police car. The policeman asked, do you know why we caught you? He said, I know. Because I killed someone. Caught that night, high Chengyong to Dutch act. Head knock in the bulge of the interrogation chair, three stitches. Dutch act hopeless, he quickly calmed down, all the details of the murder confessed. 11 murders, he remembers the date of each case, even a few minutes. The interrogation room, people see that speaking then tragic scene, his face is a kind of numbness of equanimity. He was asked, do you have any regrets about so many dead and their families?. He had no expression, and he shook his head. The only expression of the feelings of the moment, he is the two son, "I this thing, the child will not be affected, right?" What Gao Chengyong didn’t know was that the city had been under the shadow of murder for 28 years. Time is long enough to a generation of old factories and mines workers, another generation grew up. Kill the past, almost synchronous fading with this industrial city, has become the most reluctant to touch people in memory part. The suspect was arrested received news push, the way some people are to go out to buy food for the silver. Stand unique in late summer or early autumn, dry bright street, they talked excitedly. The sound of firecrackers sounded. At the end of the road is full of trees, the sky is a pure gold have never been heard of since, sunset, someone with a mobile phone to shoot it. These death every day at seven fifty in the morning, silver in the northwest of the train station, the car whistle sounded on time. The commuter railway is 25 kilometers long and has been running for over 59 years. It is weak in the mountains, in the folds of the small Mercedes benz. Well connected company station, six km, three direct smelting, East ditch long, mountain deep copper mine. Northwest is always like this, with the mine, there is a road. Siye vast empty, only a barren, with Gobi unique Achnatherum splendens, Gongliu and halimodendron halodendron. White smelting (a pseudonym) in the third smelting works along the railway line, the route he walked for nearly 30 years. The first is the sister and Prynne (a pseudonym) way, but not long, only his own way. One afternoon in May 1988, the 23 year old had killed at home. White House in Yongfeng street, No. 133. It is a yellow brick bungalow, scarred, even live several families. Her neck 2相关的主题文章: