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U.S. media: Sino Russian missiles aimed at the United States Air force model range of amazing American weakness of "national interest" bimonthly website on September 6th published an article that Russia and Chinese made a new generation of long-range air may pose a threat to the United States Air Force Action on some of the key nodes to air missiles. These nodes include airborne warning and control systems, intelligence gathering, reconnaissance and surveillance equipment, aircraft refueling aircraft, and electronic warfare aircraft. For a long time, the United States has been paying attention to the advanced anti-ship missile system and ground to air missile system while ignoring the ability of anti AD (A2) in Russia and china. Such weapons, if combined with a suitable fighter, could cut off the power of the U.S. military to carry out sustained air operations in the Asia Pacific and europe. In fact, in the future in the armed forces of the Russian MIG -31, T-50 and annihilates -20 fighter equipped with long-range air-to-air missile attacks against U.S. airborne warning and control system, and the joint surveillance target attack radar system, such as KC-135 and KC-46 or future air refueling. In the vast expanse of the Pacific, the airport fewer and far between, air refueling and slow action may be America’s "Achilles heel", Beijing is likely to use that. Russia and China have three long-range air-to-air missile program is noteworthy, that is, Russia’s R-37M RVV-BD missiles and KS-172 (also known as K-100) missiles, as well as China’s thunderbolt -15 missiles. Russia’s new R-37M RVV-BD long-range air-to-air missile has been in the stage of initial operational capability, equipment in the MIG -31BM fighters. This missile will eventually be equipped in the Su -35S flanker fighter -E and T-50 stealth fighter. The original R-37 missile is developed in the Soviet Union, NATO air attack target is expensive equipment, such as E-3 "sentinel" E-8 AWACS, joint stars battlefield surveillance aircraft, and RC-135V W the rivet joint electronic reconnaissance. The whole idea is to use the MIG -31 (carrying missile flight speed of up to 2.35 Maher, covering a radius of up to 390 nautical miles) of high-speed fighter equipped with this new missile, NATO air elimination of those equipment. The MIG -31 or T-50 stealth fighter aircraft is ideal to perform such tasks, because of their flight speed and altitude makes them difficult to intercept. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Defense companies continue to promote R-37 missile projects, but slow progress. Russian Defense companies in the last century in 90s had a particularly difficult period, suffered substantial cuts in funding. In fact, the Soviet era R-37 project was canceled, and then restart, has become the current RVV-BD series. Pure R-37 missile was terminated in 1997. R-37M missile using inertial guidance combined with airborne radar direction, using terminal active radar guidance. In combat, the MIG -31 fighters will speed toward the goal, and then launch R-37M missile. May the MIG -31 target tracking using airborne radar, and the related data is passed to the.相关的主题文章: