Vivian Hsu Patty Hou in the Manicure show geometry would you like to have a

Vivian Hsu Patty Hou in the Manicure show geometry would you like to have a lead: to this quarter basically abandoned Manicure exaggerated, go is simple texture line. (source: Red Net show Chinese) proved Manicure other than makeup is sometimes toss, you can’t buy lipstick every month, but the other long nails is half a month short of a week is to replace a is to keep pace with the times. This feeling is often the people who do nail can understand. Vivian Hsu’s Manicure, Tiffany blue is a popular color in the summer, but winter always have to see how zayan feeling, but once the geometry moment will not look so floating up. Patty Hou’s through the simple lines of embellishment, let the white Manicure shape up suddenly become flexible. The hollow texture of the use of lines to create a stylish degree increase Manicure let this. What is the Manicure geometry? It is through the use of geometric spell of Manicure shape, through these lines to other Manicure become changeable. And the combination of these simple lines of the effect is really amazing! The simplest is through a large area of monochrome and small area of the line out of this style, making very convenient. Down down down a bit more complex you can make use of nail polish geometric shape, hollow or hit color mosaic effect is good. Down down down and complicated point will test Manicure division of creativity, the use of the other is a sublimation of height. Down down down again this three-dimensional geometry, you can take photos for Manicure division according to the picture, stereo degree comparison test Manicure division skill. Do you want to save yourself? Simple, with thin sticker on the line! Here no Manicure division skill can also rely on tools, this is the most simple line stickers. Posted in the shape you want, and then coated with a layer of nail polish, dry before the sticker tear dry on a light oil lock color OK. A large hole in the net friend told us that stickers can also be used! A: two three four, followed by the order of paste can be changed so other fun. A Manicure shop is not a problem. The last one is not suitable handshaken star, a painting basic can try this. Tell the truth, how does this look a bit giddy?!相关的主题文章: