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Want to "autumn frost" to enhance the resistance of the baby? You have to do so – Sohu mother often said: "the job goes, no miscellaneous diseases". But some parents do not understand the true meaning of autumn frost, or failed to grasp the right way, but Bao Baodong will get sick. Today, I will talk about the Kangaroo: how cold autumn. Understanding the real meaning of "autumn aspic" a lot of people will be misinterpreted as "cold autumn cold does not dress", but in fact the true meaning of cold autumn is the autumn arrival, not too early and too thick to add baby clothes, but should be appropriate to add less clothes. In autumn, large temperature difference between day and night, people need to prevent the pores closed cold invasion in vivo. If you wear thick clothes prematurely, the pores will be open because of heat. When the temperature suddenly dropped, the cold will come through the pores. In addition, children themselves are generally afraid of cold, hot and cold, relatively active, blood circulation quickly, body heat generated is adequate. Therefore, in the autumn can be properly frozen. Baby autumn how frozen more healthy? Although the autumn is the best time to exercise children’s physical fitness, enhance the ability to cold, but parents can not blindly "frozen, frozen, frozen," according to the following points, flexible grasp. 1, vary from person to person autumn frost is not suitable for everyone, physical weakness or serious illness of the baby is not suitable for the first autumn frost". Because they are very sensitive to changes in temperature, especially in the morning and evening when the temperature changes are particularly susceptible to colds, acute bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases. Therefore, the key work is to do with this baby warm. 2, from time to time in autumn is divided into three stages, namely: Zhong Qiu, early autumn, late autumn, in different stages, "autumn aspic" principle is not the same. Early autumn (lunar July): alternating hot and cold temperature is small, "frozen frozen" anyway, without clothes. Zhong Qiu (lunar August): summer cold, can have a sense of "freeze a cold", but pay attention to the change of clothing. Late autumn (lunar calendar September): the temperature dropped, often has strong cold air invasion, then do not blindly insist "autumn aspic", otherwise it will backfire. In addition, the autumn temperature and constantly changing, and indoor and outdoor temperature difference. When the temperature difference is around 5 degrees Celsius, the baby does not need to wear clothes when going out. If the temperature difference of 10 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to add clothes in time, otherwise easy to catch a cold. 3, step by step to adapt to the cold to allow the baby to adapt to cold exercise, should pay attention to the principle of gradual. For example, from the beginning of autumn, my mother will begin to let your baby develop cold water wash, wash your face and drink cold water habits. Wash water temperature can be 35 degrees C, and then gradually reduced from 35 degrees to 28 degrees C, the decline must be slow, so that the baby can adapt. In addition, the room should be ventilated to reduce indoor and outdoor temperature difference. Sleep, do not cover the quilt too thick, so that the baby’s respiratory mucosa can contact more cold air stimulation, enhance resistance, reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases. 4, outdoor activities相关的主题文章: