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West Qinling Mountains high speed rail tunnel through the Qinling Mountains tunnel across the board through the – China news agency new network Shaanxi September 12 Ningshan Xinhua (reporter Yuan Chang) 12, Xi’an to Chengdu high-speed railway tunnel through Qinling Mountains, marking the West into the Qinling Mountains high speed rail tunnels across the board through the first Chinese, North-South two high geographical environment the subway tunnel project successfully completed. Qinling Mountains tunnel named Qinling Mountains, located in the Qinling Mountains fold belt through Qinling Mountains to Qinling Mountains across the second main veins, long tunnel, all 6 I risk is one of the tunnel, the West into a high-speed rail control project, high-speed rail tunnel through Qinling Mountains is the largest in the construction difficulty. Total length of 14.84 km, the maximum depth of 1185 meters, the highest elevation of the West into the highest iron, terrain, geological conditions are extremely complex. The tunnel began construction in February 16, 2013, the construction lasted 1304 days, the tunnel line slope ranked most in China Gao Tiezhi, the tunnel through the west to promote the construction of high-speed railway as a whole laid a solid foundation. The passage of the great Qinling Mountains tunnel marks the passage of 20 tunnels across the Qinling Mountains mountains." West off special Hanzhoung command deputy commander Song Ying said, West into the passenger dedicated line linking, 3 hours from Xi’an to Chengdu, from the natural moat change thoroughfare. According to reports, the mountain has an important effect on continuous ramps for train traction and braking, traction power supply, safe operation, operation ability, the slope design 25 per 1000 in Qinling Mountains tunnel, the first China mountain high-speed railway, 70 km long and 20 per thousand of the continuous long ramp is the longest, shorten the length of the line across the Qinling Mountains area, which is a new attempt in the China mountain high standard modern railway construction. In addition, the tunnel passes through a number of fault belts, lithologic contact zone, joint dense zone and shallow buried section, which is prone to collapse, deformation and other surrounding rock instability. In the prone to rock burst operation section, construction personnel need to wear bullet proof clothing, steel helmet work." West into the guest of three standard project manager Zhu Xinguang said in an interview. Xi’an to Chengdu high-speed rail is an important part of Chinese long-term railway network plan, drawn from the Shaanxi Xi’an City, Hanzhoung City, south through health, to Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, is in the Jiangyou Railway Station and Mianyang to Chengdu to Leshan railway passenger dedicated line, arrived in Chengdu City, a total length of 510 km. (end)相关的主题文章: