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Who is the biggest winner of the Rio Olympics: it turned out to be the Sohu financial Rio Olympic Games the biggest winner: Coca-Cola (QUARTZ screenshot) as this summer the most attention of the world event, the Rio Olympics have ended. The sponsor of the Olympic Games as one of the world’s most expensive sponsorship has become a marketing war game, a major global brands a hotly contested spot. In the face of the Olympic feast, the world’s major industry giant marketing "money" in the end how? According to the scale and scope of the Olympic Games are divided into five levels, in which the first level for the Olympic global partner program, the Olympic Games top sponsor. Read financial access, the 2016 Rio Olympic official website released the 11 TOP list of sponsors, namely Coca-Cola, Bridgestone tire, pottery, ATOS chemical, general electric, McDonald’s, OMEGA, Matsushita, Procter & Gamble, Samsung and visa. "Who is the winner" according to the American business website QUARTZ reported that Coca-Cola, as a sponsor of the Olympic Games "old driver", had learned how to make these experiences that advertising talent shows itself, a big success in the Rio Olympic Games marketing. According to a survey based on Google, in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, this was born in Atlanta city in the U.S. state of Georgia beverage brands, TV advertising broadcast audience in the United States in the most outstanding. Google through surveys and data analysis in the NBC broadcast during the Olympic Games 12 advertising brand. About 700 people in the United States have taken the survey to see what they remember about the ads, and whether they are interested in the brand or how they feel about it. During the Olympic Games broadcast, Google search related advertising data are included in the statistics. "At the moment is golden" advertising screenshot Google found that Coca-Cola’s Olympic marketing theme "That ‘s Gold" ("now is gold") unprecedented response. Google’s evaluation is that the success of daily life into the Olympic Games, so that the Olympic spirit back to the daily drip. Although Coca-Cola surveys show that Americans gain a complete victory, however, Nike’s advertising is the most unforgettable. The sports brand aired a series of theme for "letter limit" advertising, by elite athletes and some pioneering players starring, including the United States national team first transgender athletes and the first amputee to climb Kilimanjaro. During the Olympic Games, the audience of Coca-Cola related topics are two times the search for other brands. The study found that McDonald’s, another long-term partner of the Olympic Games, the introduction of a new formula Mai chicken Olympic marketing, making TV advertising search than usual increase of 1.5 times. Compared with the 2012 London Olympics, statistics the company Nielsen announced the Rio Olympics NBC broadcast ratings fell sharply, but advertisers still have achieved. Google survey shows that during the Olympic Games to watch TV ads in the United States more than 25% of the audience for the praise of these 12 brands, an average of more than 28% people may further understand or buy products. "Embarrassing position"相关的主题文章: