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Why do infants and young children to rest according to the normal biological clock? All the creatures in the mother nature of the Sohu are governed by their own rhythms of life. Similarly, changes in people’s life in every moment to follow a rhythm periodically, hormones including human sleep and wakefulness cycle, secretion rate, body temperature, physiological behavior The new supersedes the old. The rhythm of life is what we usually call the biological clock". The biological clock is a kind of invisible "clock", which has a great influence on health. By scientists, the relatively stable biological clock, physical health is good. When a person’s biological clock disorders, people are prone to discomfort, illness, and some even life-threatening. For infants and young children’s growth and development, it is also the case. The human circadian clock controls its physiological activity by 24 hours for a period of 1 cycles. After the birth of the newborn is generally followed by the mother of the son of the rhythm of life, there is no fixed time to eat, sleep, play. So the baby may appear to sleep during the day and wake up at night, so that parents are very tired. 3 weeks after the birth of the baby began to show sleep at night, daytime wakefulness behavior, 3 months before the establishment of clear circadian biological clock rules. Just born baby stomach capacity is small, good digestion of breast milk, baby hungry fast, so with the hungry to eat, there is no law. In general, there is no sign of heart rate and body temperature in 6 weeks after birth. Renal function in 6 months after the obvious diurnal rhythm, the same as the other organs will also be with the development of the baby and the parents of the training, at different times of the rhythm changes. Therefore, parents need to gradually explore the life of the baby at this stage, the adjustment of the baby’s biological clock rhythm, let the baby gradually adapt to the human biological clock rhythm, establish the correct conditioned reflex, to develop good habits. Baby feeding by breastfeeding on demand gradually transition to the time and quantity, adjusted according to the age, gradually reached 3~4 hours feeding 1 times, every 3~4 hours because of gastrointestinal secretion of digestive juice. Add a food supplement, gradually stop the night milk, biological clock rules are established in the gastrointestinal tract. Gradually develop the baby during the day wake up, sleep at night, to ensure adequate sleep time, develop regular sleep, independent sleep habits. Parents should start from the baby during the conscious cultivation: follow the regular daily schedule, including sleep, feeding, defecation and cleaning operations. Each operation repeats the same content in a fixed manner, thus creating the same conditioned reflex. When the baby has established its own biological clock rhythm can only follow the rules of work and rest, so as to ensure the physical and mental health of infants and young children!相关的主题文章: