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Xie Baisan: the capital market greatly hurt 140 million people love poverty alleviation Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my Disclaimer: This article is a personal point of view and analysis of professionals in the capital market, not just the news, Sina does not guarantee its authenticity and objectivity, investors operate your own risk. Reprinted from Xie Baisan Sina blog: "moon crying — then number of stock market capital market opinion" — "poverty alleviation professor Xie Baisan director of the center for financial and capital market research at the Fudan University, look up at the moon, looking down and think of home." This is the total of the human population 22% about one billion world Chinese family, the moon, the moon cake, "Mo Jinzun air to month" festive days. Since the Commission in September 9th, the capital market to support the poor opinion released a few days, the stock market fell more than. Several times fell below 3000 points, from President Liu Shiyu when he took office more than 2 thousand and 800 point zhichizhiyao. People can only stare at the moon cake crying. 1 the financial market is the money market, money for money market, very pure, very pure, very not tolerate any impurities, not political, official corruption, not regulators have any selfishness investors into 140 million angles all their live frugally saved money, earn money to buy food for many people. A lot of people can not afford to buy a house, come here to invest, can not think of a loss. The country’s 85% shareholders loss, often loss, constantly, a large number of losses. The stock market has gone to more than 3 thousand and 100 points, and now after the break of the possibility of breaking the 3000 great. It’s all because people do not understand the financial in. Chairman Liu, I have checked your qualifications, not economics, finance, Tsinghua University, is a master of management science and engineering. I have worked as an associate professor for Tsinghua University for two years. I know everything about it. The disadvantage is that a large number of mathematical models, which are completely separated from the actual void. (written report, both by the State Council as waste paper in the trash) instead of ignoring the financial market, capital market, basic principle, nature (Zhu Rongji is very sad to criticize such a large market reform only heard the voice does not listen to Peking University, Tsinghua voice, what). What you are doing is very bad. Xiao Gang: at the time of registration, with fuse system, a lever amplification; make more than 5 thousand points to 2500 points, the stock market crash, is the essence of worship, worship of beauty with the world. Li De behavior, the bookworm behavior. The heart is not bad. This one for you actively engage in human capital market, "opinion" is a subjective poverty alleviation to close above the Zha views, hope on attention and happy. This is a very bad nature, don’t scold, the wind does not stop, you will this selfish daily expansion, will make 140 million people be terror-stricken! The stock market bear a few years! The consequences are very serious. 2 the State Council did not call the capital market poverty alleviation over the State Council on poverty alleviation policy documents, there is no one to support the capital market相关的主题文章: