Your own child, don’t ask me for an answer

Your own children, do not want to pay attention to the number of public answers with my child, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: WeChat public number is very psychological mother and children have a class called "how to do" human, encountered problems, people everywhere asked how to do, how to do". Today’s article is about "how to do" the representative of the human race – anxious parents. Why do you still believe that someone can understand your child better than you do?…… Maybe what we need to do is to be aware of ourselves, not our children. When we become better "container", you will find the answer from the nature of love. About parenting, heard more is, my child lazy addiction scores the bad habit of playing truant…… I am in a hurry。 "You are a psychologist, can tell me about how to do?" Each encounter these problems, I can feel the anxiety of parents, like styled like to find an answer. If the answer is in hand, then get back to the Scriptures, read the incantation, instant medicine, worry free life. This let me think of some popular on both sides of the Changjiang River health care products, they have a characteristic: simple, fast and convenient, the most important thing is, what disease can cure. This is not the answer, this is the goddess of mercy water. I projected ideal hit rush, most want to say the first sentence is, you don’t worry. In education, parents are now too anxious. Poor parents, carefully took these words settled, they finally sat down, I said, all the problems are the problem of parents. I don’t mean to attack my parents, either in theory or in fact, we have to admit that every child is shaped by their parents and family relationships. When a child has a problem, the first thing we want to change is the problem. In fact, this problem is often the imaging Shi family relationship and parent-child relationship, these problems go down, really want to change a child, always follow it went to the parents. The question of anxious parents cannot hold exposed the anxiety "hold", is a psychological term, literally being held is to feel "arms" experience required in Winnicott about "good enough" mother’s condition point of view, "hold" is at the core of the refers to the psychological, make a person in the "arms" feel comfortable in this environment, "the baby have a full experience of space, and don’t let emotion or stimulate demand, too large or too frequent (Winnicott, 1975), is a fully developed psychological extension self condition. Parents’ emotional holding capacity, more than the answer to each specific problem, but also affect the child’s growth. The British psychoanalyst Brion Brion said, parents help children to a bad mood alpha unable to digest (such as careless mistakes)相关的主题文章: