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Yuho drops of war in the young man: I surrender in front of the camp, all sources of Marshal: "people" by the acquisition of excellent step, because the two sides of a fierce battle in history and make all twist, in business will be remembered is a case. "Character" in the dust settled in a month after the first step of the employee’s personal perspective, looking back on the acquisition process. The story is like a prism. You may recognize the cruelty of his business, decide how to implement, how to compromise personal ideal group interests; you may feel "yuho pride", a group of sincere and efficient, with a strong self driving people to be attracted and gathered in the dream; you may understand (whether or not the identity) the final result more, each vertical change in the field of Internet tide, this fight with inevitable pains. The | Xie Mengyao interview | Ms. Qian Tong editor Zhao Hanmo Xie | destroyed the date of manufacture in the acquisition of all the chaos of the culprit, is in excellent step employee computer two weeks ago. At that time, they didn’t know. In fact, many people do not know until today. Instructions from the Uber headquarters in San Francisco to China area (i.e., excellent step) an email from all employees, asking them to be sure to install a "Global Protect" software, otherwise it will not be able to log in Uber control system. As for the function of this software, the message is simply that the office environment can be more secure. "Global Protect", a very positive energy name. Almost no one doubts. But Wang Shufen (a pseudonym) is an exception, she is an early step into the senior staff, but also a technology enthusiast. Wang Shufen with a mobile phone will be "Global Protect" shot down after she followed instructions to install the software, driven by curiosity, to see the root certificate of the software – most people probably do not do so. "I thought it was creepy." She later on the "character" reporter recalled. The first software permission to eye-catching red character display: erase all data on this computer. Other permissions include lock screen, change settings, applications, and media management. This software can not be uninstalled, unless reinstall the operating system. "Anything you do, maybe the headquarters of the IT Room someone is staring at. He can read any of your network data and know what you do." Wang Shufen said, "then you as a little bit of common sense, you know what will happen in the future." She didn’t mention it to anyone, but she backed up some private files stored in the computer. In the morning of August 1st, the distance is excellent step by the acquisition of the acquisition of the news is still a number of hours, "Global Protect" to start the program, to play its destructive power. Almost all people are caught. Whenever there is a file in the computer, not the core business secrets, including driver wages, single external cooperation agreement, daily photo)相关的主题文章: