Yunnan city investment in the first half of the high pressure of inventory losses more than 400 mill

Yunnan city investment high inventory pressure loss in the first half of more than 400 million – Sohu financial pressure on the stock of high Rainbow Night Yunnan city investment losses in the first half of the more than 400 million Lu Shengcheng property market is still spreading. First-tier cities and hot second tier city after the market is hot, the three or four line of the city despite the introduction to the inventory, but the housing prices are still struggling to digest inventory. Yunnan local housing prices in Yunnan metropolitan real estate development Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Yunnan city investment " " 2016), semi annual report on the disclosure of the display, the first half operating income of about 2 billion 933 million yuan, up jumped 939.76%, but the total loss is 456 million yuan, net profit fell 124%. The end of the report, the total assets of about 46000000000 yuan in Yunnan City,, and net assets of only $about 4000000000, of which the inventory balance of $. Yunnan city voted back to China business reporter, said that in the sale of real estate projects are located in the western region. Due to the impact of the regional real estate market environment, as well as the current stage of strategic transformation of real estate projects are still in the early stages and other factors, so the performance is not up to expectations. It said that destocking is still the focus of the future. In recent years, the company to enter the Chongqing, Xi’an, Beijing and other big city, while planning to the tourism real estate and pension real estate restructuring, in order to get rid of the high pressure on the stock market in Yunnan. Net assets and net profit year-on-year decline in public information, Yunnan city investment was established in 1992 in Yunnan light beer Limited by Share Ltd, officially listed in 1999, 2007 officially more now and the introduction of the controlling shareholder of Yunnan City Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yunnan City Investment Group " "). Yunnan City Investment Group is a large state-owned enterprises under the SASAC of Yunnan Province, now holds 34.87% stake in Yunnan city (the total share capital of $1 billion 70 million). As of September 1st closing, Yunnan City, the total market value of 5 billion 802 million yuan. According to Wind statistics, in 135 Real Estate Company rankings, Yunnan city voted a year when the decline in the industry ranked 117th, weaker than the industry index; its market capitalization in the industry ranked 100th, lower than the industry average; its earnings per share ranked sixty-seventh in the industry, below the industry average. However, its price earnings ratio ranked thirty-ninth in the industry, higher than the industry average. In recent years, Yunnan City, the main financial indicators of major fluctuations in the first half of this year is no exception. In the first half, Yunnan city investment in total assets are positive, but negative growth in net assets. According to the Yunnan city voted in 2016 semi annual report, the total assets of 46 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of only at the end of the year of 2.98%, while its net assets of about $4 billion, an increase of -6.55% over the end of 2015. Similarly, its operating income was significantly positive growth, net profit was significantly negative growth. In the first half operating income of about 2 billion 933 million yuan, an increase of 939.76%. In contrast, the total profit of -4.56 billion yuan. Attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of about 322 million yuan, an increase of -124%. Cash flow from operating activities is about -11.相关的主题文章: