Zhejiang a P2P platform for half a month and 5 million 150 thousand financial operators suspected of pretty rhythm

Zhejiang a P2P platform for half a month and 5 million 150 thousand financial operators suspected of financial fraud – Beijing Beijing in October 14 Taizhou Xinhua (reporter He Jiangyong correspondent Qiu Peihong Ge Xianghui) only about 200000 free money, but dare to high income 18% wantonly absorb funds amounted to 5 million 150 thousand yuan, while the number reached 478 people. 14 days, reporters from Zhejiang Province, Taizhou Wenling city procuratorate, recently, the suspect Zhao, Zhang used P2P network platform and more than 500 illegal information, the final two people on suspicion of financial fraud by the city’s Procuratorate prosecuted according to law. P2P network platform, also known as point to point network borrowing, is a kind of small micro lending model in recent years, with its "low threshold, high-yield" characteristics are well known. Borrowers in the network platform for the issuance of loan targets, investors bidding to the borrower to meet the needs of both sides, the final platform brokered transaction. In December 10, 2015, due to business deficit Zhao, Zhang and Panmou three, in Wenling city registered a special network Investment Co. Ltd. Jie ", Zhao is the legal representative Zhang, Zhao, Panmou 3 each accounted for 1/3 of the shares, operating under the name" special outward wealth P2P platform. In order to attract business, they announced the registered capital of 50 million yuan a copy of the business license in the fund-raising website, fictional own economic strength, in order to win the public trust. At the same time, through the website and QQ group publicity to attract investors with considerable profits. Later, Panmou for the manufacture and sale of fake milk powder was arrested, actually by Zhang, Zhao duo operation. They launched the platform on the platform, the second standard, one day mark, seven day mark, the fifteen day mark and the month mark and other products, by members of the tender. Log on to the network platform to register a member, bind the bank card and real name authentication, a certain amount of money to participate in the tender. Annual income of more than 18%, the annual investment incentive of 0.6%, commitment to debt service". "Returns special wealth" commitment to attract investors to come in a throng. In December 2015, a Jiangxi company work meimou pulled into a "special treasure P2P" platform in the QQ group, customer service staff enthusiasm introduction, he registered 3 account and recharge 100 thousand yuan. In December 15th of that year, meimou personally to visit Wenling "special wealth P2P platform, by the legal representative of Zhao’s warm reception. The platform all borrowing targets are real collateral, the fixed assets of the company more than 50 million yuan, Zhao introduced, meimou has a total recharge in the platform for gospel truth, more than 60 yuan. In January 2016, due to the online recharge more than 40 principal has not returned, meimou came to Wenling to ask, but Zhao long without a trace, he realized that he cheated. Mei found himself with a similar encounter with more than 70 people, tens of thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, so immediately reported to the public security organs. In January 20th, Zhao suspects surrendered to the public security organs under pressure. In February 17th, another suspect Zhang was arrested. The investigation, Zhao, Zhang et al in fund-raising)相关的主题文章: