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Zhou Jia eldest messenger "Liu Han left many heritage? Sohu news for Zhou Bin, although not a white glove, but also with the "friendship of the boat", together with the nuggets of small partners ","". Recently, the Chengdu Railway Transportation Intermediate Court announced: September 25th, the judicial auction network platform will auction Porsche Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, cayenne, Ferrari and other 13 luxury cars, BMW SUV 20 thousand auction, the auction reference price of 4 million 285 thousand and 277 yuan. Sichuan AS666S a Mercedes Benz GL450, the first starting price: 228 thousand and 589 yuan, 20 thousand yuan deposit: according to media reports, the auction for 13 luxury cars, is the eldest child Liu Hansheng before all. In February 9th last year, Liu Han guilty of organizing, leading and participating in the crime syndicate, intentional homicide and other crimes, has been executed. The judiciary is about to auction all vehicles before his death, which means that Ambrose case has entered the disposal of confiscated assets. So, how much legacy did Liu Han leave? In other words, through the fight against Liu Han Gang, how much economic losses? Zhou family label Ambrose was executed after last June 11th, Zhou Yongkang was sentenced to life imprisonment; in June 15th this year, the eldest son of Zhou Yongkang Zhou Bin and his wife Jia Xiaoye were sentenced to 18 years and 9 years. The trial of Zhou Bin "political" notice, Zhou Yongkang, Zhou Bin, Jia Xiaoye did not mention the verdict, ambrose. In other words, the Zhou Yongkang case, the case of Zhou Bin, the case of the case of Liu, and Liu did not directly related to the case, there is no intersection between the case and the case of. However, Liu Han still wore the distinctive Zhou family label. In early 2014, the Beijing News has published the "Sichuan Ambrose brothers Mafia money track" reported, Liu Hanyi friends told the Beijing News reporter, Liu Han has deep political and business background. In 2001, Liu Han was listed as the public security organs to investigate the list, he clings to spend heavily on certain leaders, he will be removed from the investigation list. With the leadership of a relationship, Ambrose rapid success, established the mining Empire, capital of the Empire, and the words "even provincial officials are not put in the eye." At that time, Zhou Yongkang was transferred by the Sichuan provincial Party Secretary, Minister of public security. Another person close to Liu Han told the Beijing News, around 2002, Zhou Bin to invest in Sichuan, the high price of the purchase of items from his hands, in order to maintain the relationship between the." Several media reports also show that Liu Hanceng is a business partner of Zhou Bin. In 2003, Zhou Bin will be a tourist project in Aba Prefecture, transferred to the Liu Hanqi company, the transfer price of 20 million yuan. Liu Hanqian said that the tour is actually worth only a few million dollars, Liu Han said at the time, as long as it is not too much, we agreed to him (Zhou Bin)." There are media exposure, Zhou Bin 2002 Sichuan business, Zhou Yongkang had called Liu Han and told him to take care of Zhou Bin ". Can be seen, for Zhou Bin, although not Wu Bing, such as the "", the ""相关的主题文章: